Who we are

A movement to promote 
plant-based lifestyle

Food is how we connect.

To friends. To family. To culture.

And also to our Earth, to health, to compassion.

We want to make plant-based a simple, fun and
rewarding lifestyle for you... one meal at a time!


Did you know?

Food for Thought

Save the Planet

Industrialised animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases

Animal ag is also linked to land degradation, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity

Eat Healthier

Reducing intake of animal products is linked to lower risk of heart disease and other health benefits

A plant-based diet tends to be low in saturated fat and higher in fibre. You CAN have all the nutrients you need

Care for Animals

Our current production of animal products subjects billions of lives to deep suffering

Animals undergo inhumane slaughter, trauma and extreme confinement for food production

Image by Helena Lopes

How does it work?


Step 1: Make a pledge

Pledge to go plant-based for 3/5/7 days a week in January

Step 2: Eat plant-based

Get started with our restaurant partners, meal plans and recipes

Step 3: Share, have fun!

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Our Supporters

In deep appreciation for those that make myVeganuari possible


For you.
For the Earth.
For the animals.

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Disclaimer: This is an independently organized campaign. Supported by the Malaysian Vegetarian Society.
myVeganuari is unaffiliated with the UK-registered charity Veganuary.

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